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Delynn Smith
San Bernardino, CA
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I am 27 years old. My birthday is the 5th of November. I am a mother of four wonderful children. Two girls and two boys, who mean the world to me I currently am a stay at home Mom providing IHSS services for my younger children who have sleep apena. I am separated currently from my husband and trying to gain freedom from him emotionally and financially. I am blessed to be alive and blessed that I have been able to provide for my children and even others. Despite my current struggle and obstacles, my life has taught me how much I am capable of. I have made the decision to finally get out there and become an investor in real estate with Dean's program. I am posting this to help remind myself of my decision. I have waited and allowed fear and negative people pull me away from what I felt in my gut. I vow now today 9/14/13 that I will become a successful real estate investor and build the dreams and goals set aside because others got in my head. I will dedicate a minimum of 3 days a week. for 2 hours each day to learning Dean's education and at least 1 hour to applying that knowledge

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