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Dianna Gronda
Northern New Jersey
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I have been a proffesional student of Real Estate begining in 2003 with my first Robert Allen 3 day class. I did a few refreshers with him in the years that followed. I did their 3 day boot camp and bus tour meeting many great people along the way. I then became a student with a 3 day course through Armando Montolongo. I have found that the presentation Dean gives in all of his daily wisdoms and training is the most down to earth, heart felt and knowledgable. I want to be abel to take what I have learned and run with it, I am just nervous and scared and excited and READY, READY to take action.

I am a mom of 3 so my interests are coaching softball, soccer and tennis. I enjoy playing these sports as well with friends when I can. I enjoy date nights with my husband and going to Giants games, even when they play like they did this season!

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Thank you for such an inspirational wisdom this week. I am feeling the same way, reflective and wanting to be non regretful. I had surgery last week and was worried that I would not make it. I wrote letters to my children and husband, just in case. I am now out of the hospital and ready to get on with life and live it fully.
NO REGRETS, thanks Dean for making your words fit what I was feeling!

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Good Morning,

As I reflect on a real eastate investor meeting I attended I understand the value of networking, meeting people and sharinf ideas for your market place. I would like to either join with my fellow DG memebers or have a meeting set up with local students to brainstorm, pass along wisdom and potential deals. I live in the N Jersey area and looking to get this together. Who's with me????


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