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Want to know more about this club

Hi Tom,

I live in Twin Cites Metro area and wanted to know more about this Club.


Gebi Koji

Twin Cities

Hi Tom, could you provide me with additional information regarding your club in the Twin Cities/Minn?

Thank you.
Mike & team

Real Estate Investment- Twin Cities/Minnesota

Hi Tom ...

Intersted in learning more about your club.




I would very much like information on your club.



Investor group inquiry

Hey Tom. I'm from St.Cloud and was wondering more about your group and if there's an opportunity for someone from Central Minnesota?

Bruce Braun

rei group

could you let me know more about your group and when the meeting is


Twin Cities area

Hello Tom and all,

Please provide details about your club. I'm interested.

Thanks very much,
Roberta (Bobbie)

Hi Tom, I would like more

Hi Tom,

I would like more information on your group. I am from the Elk River area.



Hi everyone, lets connect!

Twin Cities and surrounding areas. My name is Angela, and I would like to meet all of you, and get some times together so we could all meet. I am new this month May 2010, and very excited to get started, and networking is always a good idea, so that we may learn and support each other. I have a 24+ year real estate background, as a Realtor, and 12 years as a Mortgage Broker for residential and Commercial Properties.As you all know things have changed drastically in the conventional, sort of way so I am lookung forward to this new creative, way of acquiring properties, as an investor. I believe we all can achieve much more success, as we gather our resources, and share our experiences, as a Twin Cities Team, so all of you that see this write me back and we shall put together some meeting place in the near future. Have a Prosperous and Blessed Day!

MInneapolis/St. Paul Group

Tom could you provide info about your group and where do they meet????

REI Group Meeting

Hello. Angela have all of you met for a meeting? I live in Knife River, MN and would be interested in meeting with everyone. I know that there is a REI group already in the Twin Cities, I am not sure if this would be apart of that. Could you let me know I am a very new member of the DGfamily. Thank you Mrs.B

group meeting

Has your club met yet? If so could I find out times and location?

Mrs. B

Group Meeting

Hi Tom.

Wondering about group meeting. Not sure who to contact you or Angelbella. Would love to be part of meeting. Can some one pm me.


Where Does The Investment Club Meet?

Hi Tom,

I'm just starting to use this site as a resource. I'd like to really connect with others locally who have used Dean's methods and/or have studied his material and are ready to make it happen. Please post info about club and/or I'd be willing to put together a Local Club in this area.

Anybody else interested?


More information about the club

Hi Tom,

Can you provide information about the club and when meetings are held?


St. Paul Investor

West metro Investor

Tom, any info about the club or it's meetings would be appreciated. thanks JimC

RE Club

Tom is this club still alive? Would like to meet others in the metro area.

Meeting for Twin Cities

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Has anyone received contact from Tom? It would be great if we connect with our own experiences, and look to help each other.

Thank you,


Can you double close a hud home?

I was wondering if you can double close a hud home?Has anyone experienced this?

Would like to join

Hello Tom.
I live in the West metro/Lake Minnetonka area and would very much like to join your rei group.
Please send me an email back as to when/where you all meet up.

Would like to join

Hello Tom.
I live in the West metro/Lake Minnetonka area and would very much like to join your rei group.
Please send me an email back as to when/where you all meet up.


hey tom my name is prince my wife and i own a propety i wana know when iscthe group meeting

new investor to the cities

Looking to network and get ideas from local investors