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just checking toi see if you might want to help me locate some of these properties. Let me know.

We have been exclusively contracted by Asset Management Company to locate certain trophy real estate property in metropolitan areas of US with initial disposable cash of $125,000,000. The company is a government mandated agency that handles social security and pension funds in Korea. In recent years, it has acquired distressed assets and notes throughout Asia (in $ billions) and is currently actively seeking opportunities here in the US.
Basic Criteria Below:
- Preferred location: Los Angeles Area, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco
- Types of property: Class A Office Blg., Multi unit residential, shopping center
- Selling/disposing party must be direct bank(institution) in primary lien position of distressed asset/note, or trustee sale
- Subject must have existing cash flow with preferred IRR and CAP.
- Planned recoup of initial investment 3-5 years by sale or reposition
- Requires minimum escrow due diligence period of 60days
- POF is available for verification
If there are any assets within your group’s pipeline that fit the above criteria, I’d appreciate the opportunity to present it to my client.
This is Their criteria
. - CAP 7+ for class A office type bldg.,
- IRR 17+ after 5 years
- It must be distressed, direct with source. Source being TD or note holder.