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Alfred Fraser
Vancouver, Canada
About Me: 

I work as a Mortgage Payment Coach (Canada).
I'm a seasoned Investor with many deals on the go.
Several years as a Canadian Real Estate Investor.
Now I make deals in different Cities of the USA.
I want to follow DG's latest ideas that work.
My main goal is 10 Buy and Hold Properties with good cash Flow.
Preferred States are 1: Florida, 2:Washington State
3: Any other State where YOU as a Solid Investor/Partner would choose.

I have several active deals going. Don't mind sharing...
Contact me for encouragement from someone with experience,
Or with questions about Canada Real Estate.
Let's all win together.

1: Charitable Gifting: I want to make large contributions to a worthwhile Charity such as World Vison, Samaritan's Purse. 2: Exercise and cycling: How to get the most exercise results with the least effort.

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Basic Info

Mortgage Payent Coach
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate