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Ellis Gavin
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My name is Ellis Gavin and thanks for taking the time to want to know more about me. I came from very humble beginnings and accomplished alot ot things i'm personally proud of in my 30 yrs of life. In 2007 i packed up my backs and moved to Colorado with God, $230.00 in my pocket, faith, a dream and a hungry feeling. I was a the bottom of the barrow in life. I moved in with my Aunt with my wife only to loose my wife and family due to being broke. Life moves on and I begin to ask GOD to help me. He sent the lady next door to begin to pray with me every single day. One day as we were praying her daughter walks in, a real beauty, at first i wanted to date her. She heard our prayer and told me she could help me. It was a sales job. I was thinking i'm not good at sales. She told me young guys were making like 75K a year at her work place. I had no choice but to try it, u know. I learn the ropes and made my first $600 check and it was off to the races at that point. I would read my Robert Kiosaki book on every break until i read every single book he authored at the time. I begin reading anything i could get my hands on to obtain true financial freedom. A little over a short year I had saved almost 40,000 and with Knowledge from Robert Kiosaki and many other valuable resources, i knew that i need to purchase an asset. I quit my job, cut the ropes, and told myself sink or swim. I purchased a franchise. Fast forward just a little, My companies best month so far was 17k with 7,000 cashflow. I'm very proud of this because i thought i was a looser with the worst luck in the world. But, the lesson that i learned from all i been through is this. You have to have a vision. What i mean by that that is don't look at the situation you see with your eyes. Keep your mind on your mind vision because success is invisible at first. Then with action steps toward your mind vision one day it become reality. Keep God first, keep trucking forward and the results your seeking with come with the territory. So now I want to learn Real Estate. That's where i'm at now. We received a invitation from Dean through the mail. I went to one of Dean's seminars here in Denver. It was called the insiders edge. I purchased his material. It was a big investment for me. That's where i'm at now. Wish me luck. Thanks guys and gals. GOD BLESS!

I really want to help as many people as i can before my expiration date. I want to leave a postive legacy behind.

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Thank you for sharing your story

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Hi I am brand new I moved to Denver fairly recently and just starting Dean's course. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Lyca