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Greg Caldwell
Cary, NC
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Have a very strong desire to succeed! Wish I had a website like this to refer to years ago. I have accomplished several Real Estate deals and have increased my net dramatically. Just refinanced an existing rental property and cashed out a big paycheck!! Always ready to learn new techniques and information. Ready to take on a whole new strategy for investing and accomplishing my goals. I thank you Dean for all you are doing!

REAL ESTATE #1 -Renovating---Boating/Fishing, Investing, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Skiing, White water rafting, etc.

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Radiology/CT Supervisor
Have Child(ren)
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raleigh area

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hi greg,i'm currently living in the md./de. area but i've lived in the wake johnston county area for many years.i've told my wife we need to have our buy and hold properties down there so we can have an excuse to go get real bbq lol.i'm probably two months from being able to travel back and forth freely but when i get there i'd definately be interested in joining or helping form a local re group/club.pm me if this interests you.rob

Hey Rob

Get in touch with me when you have the chance.


Good Afternoon Greg,

Are you interested in any Properties in South Carolina?

Raleigh, Cary club


I just read your profile after joining this group. I'm interesting in connecting with you. I moved to Raleigh about since months ago and will most likely be setting up shop in Cary long term. I lived in Federal Hill area of Baltimore for a while as well.

Hey i am looking to network

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Hey i am looking to network with people in the are who are active i live in charlotte wich i know is far but just hoping to connect with people am finally ready to begi. Full force thanks for any help