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Gerrel Williams
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Happy Dad of a 4 year old, also have two other children, grown and on there own.
Wife and I live in Temple,TX. in a lovely home that backs up to a park, as we;; as other amenities. I was laid off in Aug, 2010. So after trying once again at the best the Web has to offer, and not wanting to go back to work for the man. I have started on my way to real estate investing. Let's see, no money to speak of, no job, and more confidence than the law allows. Well, once I make a living at this, and yes, I will make a living at this, they probably will want me on the monthly conference, because trust me, it will purely be quite the miracle. We were very fortunate as my wife has a good job, and we have several of the goodies paid off that usually beat down the average couple. Thank you Jesus. So now, on to our business and to those who are out there, happy hunting.

Investing, Boating & Kids. Not always in that order :)

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