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Rahway, New Jersey
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I just turned 19 years old. I have read Deans books and he is a brilliant man. I am so close to making my first deal happen. I cant wait for success. Thank you Dean!

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Also In Jersey


I am also in Jersey and not very far from you in Kenilworth. Just started with academy and reading all material. Would like to see maybe swe can help each other in the future and build up the NJ following. Create a group, learn from each other, etc.

Will keep you posted as I further along into all this WOW Information



Great How is that going for you? I have a team working for me amd I believe we can help eachother. Email me back your progress.


Buyers List

I am still trying to make my first deal. Is anyone else having trouble getting a buyers list together?

moving to NJ

We are starting a 4 year living and training academy for 18 to 25 year old at risk young people. We are in the process of moving to NJ to start the academy. We are looking for a 2 br 2 bath house or apartment for a few months to check out the area. We are looking for something close to NY City that is in an area that would be good to flip houses in as well. Our website is: www.TheAcademyForLife.org
our e-mail is: HelpCreate@TheAcademyForLife.org My phone number is: 305-519-0869 Please contact me if you are in the area and have suggestions or want to be involved in a real estate group. I have bought and sold about 100 properties owned apartment buildings and guest houses in the past. Thanks Robert

South Jersey

Hi. Is there anyone in your group that is from South Jersey?

Hi Kathleen, We are from

Hi Kathleen, We are from South Jersey. Just getting re started, shoot us a message.
Terri & Russ

hello, I am in south

I am in south Jersey myself and trying to figure out how to get some assignments going. My main problem is that I cant seem to figure out how to find forms to use that is legal in New Jersey. What strategy are you using?