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Kevin Sims
Chickamauga, Ga. just south of Chattanooga Tn.
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I'm excited about real estate and look forward to doing business. Have been a home-builder in the past and am working on being a landlord. Here's to years of success.

Reading, spending time with family

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Farmer, RE investor
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First Deals

Been in the DG family since January. I have closed on 3 houses, have 2 more under contract. 2 estate sales and 3 REO's. I have a contract on the first for L/O and I'm not finished with the rehab yet. I also have a family for one of the others who I'm fixing to sign a contract for L/O. Bandit signs work great for finding tenant buyers. Lots of folks out there who need help because of bad credit. That's what is great about this is helping people and making money at the same time. We used to build spec houses, but in north Georgia that is practically dead. Sure glad we found Dean and this site to turn us onto a new way to look at real estate. Love all the info on this site and all the helpful comments. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in investing in Chattanooga, Tn or Northwest Georgia, or Northeast Alabama? I would love to talk to anyone interested in working with me through assignments, Investing for a guaranteed return or full service finding and rehabbing properties? Please PM me if you're interested or leave any helpful comments. Thanks Kevin

Properties in Georgia

How are you? I am working with an Investor selling SFR, move in ready, quality properties in Georgia. Properties have equity and good cash flow potential. Can deal now.

newbie with the Dean Graziosi team

My husband and I are just getting started and have diligently been looking to find "good deals" to flip and/or wholesale. We possibly would be interested in L/O properties as well. Just attended conference in Columbus, ejoyed ourselves but was totally unprepared to come up with 20K to 40K for further education and the hands on assistance that the Graziosi team promised. So far we've definitely spent more than we've made, however, we feel we have come thus far and have too much invested to do nothing. Plus we do not have the desire to do so. So yes! We would be interested in the areas you mentioned and would like to share information we've learned so far on our own.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Charlotte