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just want to test website out not to computer seavy. does it really work i have used others before and all they keep asking is for more money.

hey is this available in

hey is this available in Canada as well

Welcome Kandice!

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Just wanted to sign in your guestbook and welcome you to this site.
You can post your comments on the rei forums where everyone can see them.
Wishing you great success,



Thanks for reaching out to me Valerie I am still a bit nervous about getting around the site. I notice that you are in SF I grew up in Marin and have family still in the city. Do you do investing in SF, bay area and Marin?

SF, Marin

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Hi Kandice,
I wish I was doing business in Marin! maybe one day!
I'm currently doing some deals out of state...
How about you? what are your goals? where do you live?