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Scranton, PA
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I am new to real estate investing. I have always been interested in doing real estate, so earlier this year I decided to take classes and go for my license. I failed the exam. After a few days, I was still feeling very discouraged and was wondering should I try again or not, I came across Dean's infomercial and I listened to every word he said. That little spark that was still burning erupted into a bombfire. I went on the website and joined. A few days later I went to my first REI club meeting. I have bought Dean's new book and am taking the steps I need to take. I can't wait for my financial freedom!!

I like fishing and camping. I love the outdoors and nature. I like to do woodworking or fixing up houses. I love spending time with my family.

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30 Days to Real Estate Cash

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I received your book today and I am so excited to start reading it. Well, I've read the first chapter already. I just wish I could speed read or had more hours in the day, because I do not want to put the book down. I want to learn everything because I am so excited to put your teachings into action and do my first deal to begin my financial freedom. YAHOO!