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Kyron Tuck
Gainsville Va
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My wife and I are 37yr old trying to create a better life for ourselves and family,being I have 12yr experience in the construction field i think the real-estate business would be great for us.Looking to own,buy,flip as many units as possible and to talk and meet other investors and possible business ventures.

buying,fliping,renting,selling as many properties possible

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General Contractor
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


New to the DG Family

My wife and I haven't finished the book yet, she's reading one I'm reading the other. Although we have a few more chapters to read we're excited to apply what we've learned so far. One of our first steps was surveying the immediate area. We've made calls to a few prospects and even met with an owner. We're just getting started but we're looking forward to the journey.

Thank you Dean for being a blessing to our lives. Your honesty, and desire to help others is a gift from God, you're living out purpose and we wish you continued success in life.

DG fam thank you for your testimonies we'll need your support and will keep you posted on our success.

Hey is there anybody in the DG Fam in the DC Metro area? Holla


only in a good way,I've been reading the book and I'm blown away.Eager to to jump out there; but I'm the type to make sure i have enough info to make it work,I truly feel i can make it happen with what I have already learned.I would like to meet some of you that are part of the DG family,please respond if you see me online, would love to talk and learn from your experience or maybe we can encourage each other if your new like me.

Looking for friends and buyers

I live in the DMV area DC,VA,MD,a large
area to play in with real-estate,I'm new with the game need all the support and advise i can get,no one has yet to respond but I'm looking for investor buyre's,friends,mentor's the whole package.please...... respond anybody feel like i'm talking with myself.


Hello DG Fam,I'm new to the famaily
look forward to meeting new friends to network with and encourage each other