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Need help to close this deal

I have an opportunity to purchase a 10 unit apartment building,needs a little work, listed at $100.510 from the FDIC.
My offer is $90.000 is this to high?
I must execute seller's purchaser eligibility certificate(PEC)prior to seller executing the contract,what is this? they're also asking for earnest money or verification of funds, I have nether, what can I do to pull this deal off? can I or should I request that they finance the deal with time to fix the repairs and get it rented? If there's any fellow DG'S investors out there that's interested in partnering with me on this please let me know. npicrealestate@****

Need Help with a decision

Can anyone please tell me if they ever heard of Nelson Muntasir and if they ever borrowed any money from them? they tell me there loan brokers and require a brokers fee befor issueing the loan