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I HAVE LET THINGS PEOPLE AND SITUATION KEEP ME FROM MY FULL POTENTIAL. I am doing my best to maintain my mothers house who suffered a stroke (first time ever being in the hospital for anything but the child birth of me and my sisters. She is not able to come home and that means all her resources are going to the rehabilitation where she is. I am constantly making a way to pay some of the bills but can't do it all. I have no help to speak of BUT GOD. I've spent more money than I currently have to learn how to invest and I'm in further debt. I have decided to no longer be afraid to ask questions rattle some nerves and people and let them know I will not be a nothing. I will not be moved down but up and you can't stop the plan that is in motion. I look forward to the potential and my possibilities in being a name a person a true Hero to my mom my sisters and my nephews life and futures.