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I have been involved in real estate for about ten years. I started out as a wholesaler. My first wholesale deal was great. I was able to make $3,000 from the seller and $3,000 from the buyer who was a savvy real estate investor. It was nice to walk away from the closing table with $6k for introducing two people. I also made $4,000 on one deal by putting an ad on craigslist. I introduced the buyer to the seller and about 2 weeks later I had a check. I am now investing in the city of Detroit. There are plenty of good deals. My experience is that it is sometimes more profitable to close on more deals and get less money than a couple of deals for more money. Here's to prosperity and new relationships. God bless.

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I saw your post on a "NY thread" and wanted to connect. I am located in NY also.

Detroit Properties

Hello DG family,

I would like to know if there are any buyers who would be interested in doing any deals in the Detroit Michigan area. I have 3 good rental properties that I must sell. There is a bank lined up to purchase these properties in 18 months. With my deals you will not only collect rent but you will also already have a way out of the deal if you choose to sell.