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Toni Dial
Princeton, North Carolina
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Hello to my DG Family! Just introducing myself. I would like to take this opprotunity to thank Dean for all that he is doing to help us and for the learning materials he has provided for us on this site. When I first logged on, I had no idea how extensive the information was and the friendly correspondence of everyone participating on the site. Sometimes I'm still amazed!

I'm a mother of 4 boys, 3 at home, 2 teens and an 8 year old. After working in a nursing home for 12 years, in August 2008, I lost my job. For many months I was devastated and would actually breakdown and cry still in disbelief. I've had the desire for years to invest in real estate and I've actually done a few creative deals but I always felt like it was bigger than me.

I have finally accepted the fact that it was God's will for me to no longer be employed where I was working. I was definitely not happy. When I awoke in the morning I thought about real estate, during the day and even when going to bed, real estate was on my mind!

As I submit this today for my DG Family to read, I have committed myself to creating this dream that I have had for so long into reality! With my Lord leading the way I shall overcome any fears and any obstacles that may stand in my way.

I look forward to corresponding with you all, until next time. God Bless!


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Nice to meet you Greg. It's taken me a while to figure out the posting but I got it!

I'm going to hold you to that!


Hi Toni

Well welcome to the party! I think that most of here are pretty much in the same shoes. But one thing I know is that if you keep to your commitment keep god in front you,overcome the obstacle and challenges you will face, and learn everything you can about Real estate investing and never giving up you will succeed. A winner never quits and quitter never wins.

Making things happen in NC

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Hey Toni,
Just read your post.
Looking for people to network with in NC. I am at the Western end of the state. Looking for buyers.