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Rhonda Van Pelt
New Mexico
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I'm nearing retirement, and things just keep going downhill financially. I don't want to eat cat food when I'm 70-so I am determined that we are going places. This is the only thing I have found in months of researching ways to make money that actually seems viable. We live in this little NM town, and I'll have to invest somewhere else, but it will work. I gave up for a while, and then got back into the forums and reread the books. It just has to work!

My granddaughter, children and how to make things better for them. I love art and have no time for it. Someday I will.

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Thanks for acknowledging my post. I just want to get started without doing groundwork, I guess. I know I need to work on my team, but I work a full-time job, and have so little time. I want to do a wholesale deal, and am looking at properties in Oklahoma. I am in a tiny town in NM. I'll have to go where there are more properties until I can get some working capital. Maybe I need a partner.
I am not familiar with Lompoc, but I lived in Rocklin for about a year. N.Calif. is nice.

Hi Rhonda

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just signing in your guestbook to wish you success on your rei journey!
You can do wholesaling from your computer-read Carol Stinson's threads; just type 'wholesaling' in the search/enter box on the top left of this site, and hit enter. You will see many threads with lots of helpful information.
Also, you can follow this great thread



You can do this!!!

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Everyone are succeed at this Real Estate Investor, you can do it too. I don't know how to start prefect but as long you keep at it, you will going to great. ^_^ keep faith, good people desire best. do good