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Jason Greene
Chicago, Ill
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My name is Jason Greene and I stay on the southside of Chicago if anyone is familiar with the area.I had several jobs in my life and unfortunately I only worked a maximum of 1 or 2 years at each job I always wanted to expand my horizons and try different jobs. Currently at the moment im not working, I was in school but things got rough for me financially so I didnt have the money for transportation so I couldnt finish, but I not a quitter by no means I will go back and finish once my finances become stable for me. Real estate investing is very powerful the best business for opening up other doors to whatever other goals a person wants to accomplish. And I AM DESTINED AND DETERMINED ON BECOMING SUCCESSFUL AND I AM SO PASSIONATE ABOUT GETTING INTO THIS BUSINESS THAT I LOVE IT AND I HAVENT EVEN GOTTEN STARTED YET. This business was bought to my attention in 2005 and unfortunately I have not got the jump start yet. My whole family have been struggling for a long time, I feel like its up to me to place everyone on my shoulders and go my my Real estate investing journey TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.I AM A ENTREPRENEUR THE LORD HAS PLACED IT INSIDE OF ME AND HE IS READY FOR ME TO FULFILL MY DUTIES AND STAY OBLIGATED TO HIM BECAUSE THE LORD KNOWS THAT IM READY TO PROCEED ON TO TH NEXT LEVEL OF BECOMING VERY WEALTHY- SO I WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITIES AND HELP UNFORTUNATELY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. THIS WHAT THE LORD WANTS ME TO DO, ITS INHERITED INSIDE OF MY SOUL, FROM MY HEART,WHOLEHEARTEDLY JASON GREENE

Writing, basketball, football,and track

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Needing a DG Family member's gracious help with getting started

Hello DG family I am really struggling out here and I know that real estate investing is the main vehicle to becoming very successful and accomplishing to reach other goal as well. So I have been interested in getting into this business since 2005, and unfortunately I haven't had the finances to get started and coming from where I'm from my family has always been in a struggle money wise I'm from the Southside of Chicago where it's rough. Well I am destined to taking care of all my loved ones and close friend's,and I know REAL ESTATE will do this for me. I truely and sincerely LOVE HOW POWERFUL THIS REAL ESTATE INVESTING BUSINESS SYSTEM WORKS AND ALL I AM ASKING IS A HELPING HAND FROM SOMEONE IN THE DG FAMILY WHO FEELS AND UNDERSTANDS MY PAIN,SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME GET INTO THIS BUSINESS AND BECOME A SUCCESSFUL FIGURE THANK YOU, DG family


Finish ur profile let people know a lil bout u,read dean's book cover to cover,find ur strategy that fits u and take notes if u have to come back to a section do that.READ and it will come to,the main thing is to take action stick with it focus on ur goals and where ur trying to go read PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW!!