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Benton, Ar.
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I'm a proud owner of two businesses now, one I started 12 years ago and the other well if your reading this you know the other. I have 2 girls both are married to two great guys, both are homeowners. my oldest is 31 and my youngest is 26. Sandra my oldest has two children, Sunny 5 years old and Asher 3 years old, my youngest Emily has one due any day her name is Madison Rose so excited can't wait. My husband is the love of my life we have been married 27 years. On our 25 anniversary he took me to Fiji we went to Queama. Its a small island with just 12 huts very very romantic where we renewed our vows, we had fijian warriors carry me from my hut to him and he surprised me with saying his own vowels witch left me in tears and i was pretty much speechless and if you knew me you would know that's a hard thing for me to never have anything to say lol. Thats pretty much my life.I love my life and I love to travel and looking forward to doing just that very soon.

Horseback riding, my little angels, my work.

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Grocery store owner, Investor.
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Just starting!!

Hi to everyone out there, I have just started today will be my first talk with my coach, looking forward to all this has to offer. I do admit I'm alittle scared but I'm very positive about being able to do this. My extended family has been in real-estate all their lives so I have confidence that it will be a good thing for my immediate family. I have owned my own grocery store for the last 12 years and built that to make it very successful, but I'm not finished making my mark on the world nor is my husband. We have 2 kids both married both own there own homes, my oldest is 31 with 2 kids, my youngest is 26 and soon to be a new mom in June. So now we have taken care and helped them and it's our turn now. We are almost free of debt so we could really not start this but I have always wanted more and I really want to spend the rest of my life just traveling which we are going to do but not just yet so I thought while I'm waitting on this I might as well make more money. Anyway it's great reading everyones stories and look forward to you all reading mine. Susy40


Both my kids bought there homes with no credit and no money down, without our help.

Had a talk with John from Tax Club .

This morning i was having second thoughts about using the Advisers from the Tax Club, I quickly realized if I'm going to really set up my business right Dean put these people in place to really help us and although i thought i could set it up by myself because i have another business, i found myself thinking i wish i had known about the tax club when i started my other business so now I'm completely covered and feel more confident about setting up this and doing it the right way. Thank you Dean for all the people helping me. Now its my turn to help myself.To all that reads this I highly recommend using all parts of Deans program, not just his books. I also have my personal coach coming out soon very excited about that Thank you again Dean. Susy

first house

i just signed papers to get my first house its a nice 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 3 story house, it 2088 sq. ft. on a corner lot in one of the nicer areas of town. One of the best school districts in Hot Springs Ar. Now I'm looking for an investor to help with the financing i would like to fix it up doesn't need much and flip potential to make a very large amount for both of us anyone insterested, i have closing in 45 days. would be glad to run numbers for you and show you property. Thank you susy