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I am interested in Real Estate Investing in Ventura County California. I am a freshmen in Real Estate Investing though I've been a member since 2009 but believe or not I let my friends and family brainwash me in believing that this program would end up inconvinient for me. I just need advice in what I should do to be successfull as a begginning Real Estate Investor who has horrible credit and no income 21 year old college student. Your advice would be very much appreciated. Thank You All Taurino Resendes.

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first deal

what should I do for my first deal that I want to make with no money down?

!st Deal

What's the easiest procedure to have income from a investor point of view for a first imer who has no money at no all no credit and thats unemployed to take action and make his first deal and there's no way possible that I can get money at all. help!