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Shirley Thomas
South Carolina
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Hello everyone. We've been with Dean since August 2013. Even though we have yet to make a deal, we are determined to really achieve something out of this business. We are new to the game and are willing to work with others who are just as determined as we are to make it big in real estate. We are looking for other determined, hardworking and experienced people who can offer advice, tips or even team up with us....anything that can help is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!

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I do not have any money to

I do not have any money to make a complaint. But you are someone to talk to me. That might could help me.
I have talk to 5 People at Buy PD, PMI . Note Servicing Center,and Horizon Trust Company. I have just about lost everything
I had.Will you please let Mr. Dean Graziosi or Mr. Kory Thurson to give me a call,I can be reach at (864) 538-8086 any time
day or night. I don't they will let a solder fall, its not there fault but my. I believe if anyone can they will. Soon as you can (please)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon as you can I only have about one or two weeks left.
Thank You
Horace Thomas