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I'm 49, I own a Motorcycle Repair Shop, I've been looking to get into buying and selling Real Estate as away to earn extra income. I've invested a lot of money into so many different courses, books, and programs dealing in ways to make money in Real Estate, I've been to a lot of seminars held by a lot of who's who in the biz, looking to do as they have done, to make the "big bucks". While watching TV late one nite, I happen to see Dean's infomercial about his books and course, as for another investment for more knowledge about Real Estate I purchased the course, and I'm glade that I did, the information and tools provided with the course will give me what I need to become successful in my venture into Real Estate.

My interests and hobbies are the Martial Arts, Motorcycles and Motorcycle Drag Racing, Reading, Camping, Traveling, just to name a few.

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Tax Certificate Sale For Columbus,Ohio The County Of Franklin tbearr012 years 25 weeks ago
Tax Certificate Sale For Columbus, Ohio tbearr012 years 25 weeks ago

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Mechanic/Owner of a Motorcycle Service and Repair Shop
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