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From Chicago, moved to Arizona to get out of the cold and have been in the same house for 25 years in a town near the well known tourist destiny of Sedona. Life long dream of being a real estate investor. Tried many times to make it, but made devastating mistakes and find myself under a lot of debt, and paradigms that have paralyzed my trying any further. I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of personal growth programs, but as soon as I try to get started, all I want to do is go to sleep. The mere idea of going through any more failure is so painful it shuts me down completely, like living in poverty would be less painful than failing any more than I already have. I currently own three rental homes but all in my own name and all uninsured because I cant even afford the insurance, so my entire income is sitting ducks. I am terrified to make any moves, as if the world is nothing more than a trigger happy evil lunatic just waiting to shoot me down again, and that I am not capable of ever being successful to the level of actual security. Security and stability are the most important things to me, as service to others was the most important but I have wasted 50 years serving others with no positive outcome. Its probably time to turn to focusing on serving myself finally, yet I have no confidence that I am capable of stabilizing my financial life. Also, I live in a commune type setting, taking in homeless and abused people and sharing my home with them, something I have been doing for the past 7 years. Rewarding at times, but financially draining. I have lost countless properties by stupidity and am now stuck worrying about the ones I still have, because they are not legally protected at all, and I suffered a recent lost lawsuit for a debt I already paid and was unable to prove in court, and my assets may be in peril. Information overload has also rendered me unable to move forward and take what I have and turn it into what I need. I am hoping to find some help here, but again, confidence is not real strong.

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Broken foundation, house is falling down.

A crack in the foundation of a rental in Texas, with unstable ground and excessive rain has caused the whole house to shift while half the foundation sinks. Walls are cracking and plumbing is in danger of breaking. It is occupied. Getting estimates between 10K and 20K and I am not someone who has that kind of cash, nor am I able to borrow it. There is a 4 inch gap showing daylight between walls and floor now. I was also sued recently and need $25,000 to pay off a $7000 credit card debt that I already paid off and was unable to convince a judge, and they gave the law firm that sued me 6 years worth of interest. My rental is in danger of being stolen by them and it's my source of income. The rental is free and clear, my own home is mortgaged to the hilt, even upside down. I know this is backwards but I cant seem to make a move to get stable. Also, there is a second mortgage on my own home that is coming all due and payable in less than 6 months in the amount of $88,000. Any advice? I have $7000. How can I turn $7000 into $113,000 in less than 6 months?


Have: 3 free and clear rentals.

Need: $88,000 2nd on home paid by March
2016, $25,000 for lost lawsuit

Hurdles 3 rentals are my income, I depend them. But I dont have enough to keep them maintained very well but am afraid to sell and lose the income. One is falling apart. It needs expensive work. I am not eligible for conventional loans.

Realtors and Bandit signs, really??

Thumbing through one of your books I saw that your advice about finding deals is to ask realtors. Really>? I know real estate offices are not where investors find the good deals. Seems very generic and Im sure there are other resources, probably secret ones about where to find deals. And I have used bandit signs in the past with ZERO results, except for getting FINED by local government and forced to remove them.

How to turn $7000 and 3 properties into debt-free

Have $7000 and 3 free and clear rentals. However, income is not enough to care for them and I was recently and unfairly sued. Have 2 mortgages on my own home that I want to get rid of. Rentals are sitting ducks, lawsuit could steal them away and they're my main income. One is in need of extensive repair. I have equity and a tiny bit of cash, and huge looming issues - how do I turn this around? Any ideas??