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Hey guys, I've been watching dean's weekly wisdom videos for quite awhile now and I finally told myself "hey, it's time to make something happen." So I downloaded the book "30 days to real estate cash" and Yesterday I started contacting real estate agents and they are sending me lots of listings. However, they are asking if I will have proof of funding readily available. Since I am new at this and, like many other new wholesalers, have no upfront money, how would I provide something like this? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

3rd party

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There are 3rd party sources where you can get this from. I would type in the search bar "proof of funding" in the upper lefthand corner of this page under Dean's face. And that should help with better assistance


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You can get proof of funds at and you can also get your buyers to get the POF. Find buyers at your local REIA club and use the free software below to show your buyers your deals, etc.

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