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Hi All, I am having a hard time in locking in a HDML in my area. I am becoming a bit frustrated and the problem I am experiencing is that in my state it appears that it is syndicated and if you are just starting out you are not as welcomed. There is a battery of test seasoned Investors put you through while gathering informaiton on you and the property you have locked under contract. I had a deal fall through after submitting my inforamation. Needless to say, the whole process made me feel violated and completely stupid.

Now as for Investment Clubs; similar experience. I went to my local club (after paying membership) and there is a 10 minute segment where you can exchange business cards/flyers showing what you have available. I had a 2BR SF home under contract and to make a long story short, the guest speaker investor opened up her meeting by saying to the group "don't waste you time in buying 2BR homes. Again, I felt betrayed only because there were others there who wanted to make deals but she (the speaker) took the wind out of the balloon for many. So far, my experience with R.E Investment Groups is not a good one.

Hopefully, DEAN'S people will update their listing on this site for HDML and talk more to the beginners and warn them of the pit bulls that are no all they say they are.

What isan HDML?

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Sorry, but wat is an hdml?

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