And it all boils down to MINDSET!!! What is your mindset???

That, I have learned is the key to success. If I associate or surround myself with people that are negative,people that tell me it is not possible...then I will fail. If I tell myself that no matter what obstacles I encounter...If I tell myself that FAILURE is not an option...then I will overcome those obstacles...I will learn from my mistakes...I will move on...I WILL SUCCEED.

My handle on this site is "hunt4success", NOT "hunt4failure".

What the mind of man can conceive and believe. the mind of man can achieve. (said by Napoleon Hill..I think)

So, The point of all this??? Prior to taking deans seminar/workshop/mentor program just 1-2 months ago, I never heard of assignment of contracts, knew nothing about REI, was $30k in debt, broke and on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, I am almost out of debt, working on DEAL # 4 and LOVING LIFE!!!

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