There's no secret...

It's scary here as a newbie and I'd really appreciate any great advice from everyone on how or where to start. I have a realtor I believe will work for me...good close friend, but how do I start with absolutely no capital, cash in pocket?

Best way to start...

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In my opinion, you have a few options. However, I would say the easiest is to build your team (realtor, RE atty, title company, etc.), place your bandit signs to find buyers and properties, follow the 25:1 strategy, and wholesale the properties. Once you get a few deals under your belt and your confidence grows, your options will grow as well. No money, no problem. You find the right deal and someone will pay you for it.

Not my advice, just passing along great advice I have received from Dean and the DG family.

Good luck! Take action!

No Money, No Problem...

Thank you, but how to start? Just call my chosen realtor and ask for a list of properties? Where do I get earnest money? How to find a buyer? Please help!

First Step

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Once you have identified your chosen realtor, then you need to follow the 25:1 strategy.

Finding a buyer: Follow the tips provided throughout the website and Dean's blogs. (Bandit signs, auctions, etc.)

Earnest money is not needed until you have an approved offer.

Check out the RE Forums and various blogs if you have any questions. If still unsure, call the Success Academy.

However, first and foremost....BREATHE!! It may seem like a big step but as long as you are moving forward, the momentum will MOVE you.

Good Luck!

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