This is really happening!

Well, it seems like overnight things are starting to happen. We just need to keep our eyes forward. Great deals are srating to happen I can feel it.

We have our first deal on the horizon,just decidong how to wrap it all up.

Ugh, need to move faster on

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Ugh, need to move faster on this stuff. Been meeting with a title agent and real estate agent. Trying to get a feel for the market. Based on the information I received, this is the slowest moving market ever. There is no way to run comps, because there are none.

I may need to set the bar on this one. Ashland is doesn't grow very fast, and has been in a down market for a very long time. I look around and see small changes slowly happening. My gut, which I know is not real estate investor terminology, tells me it is a great buy and hold market for the right investor.

Examples of improvements that will make this town good again, New trails for walking and biking. Updated renovations on a local grocery store and walmart, and talks of another manufacturer coming to town.

I just need to jump in and start making offers.

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