It has taken me years to believe in myself even after being blessed with my first deal in 92 and my second deal in 05. I had not a clue as to what had happen. Thank God I do now. After being a member since 2008 it was something that was in the inside of me that would not let me forget about Real Estate Investing. Being a stylist for many years I return back to school and didn't know what I would go for. Because I am a very spiritual person I consulted the most high God who told me Interior Design. Went to school for that then upon completing Katrina happened. Got a job at a home improvement store and worked there 7 yrs. Pulled Deans book out I ordered in "08" and began re-reading it. I started coming back to the site and saw that Dean had a seminar coming to my area this year. After scheduling to go I end up missing it. Dean sent me a e-mail asking me to purchase "The Edge." Since then it has opened a whole new world for me. I've put in offers as instructed by Deans education and now I am awaiting for my first deal. I can truly say this is my Destiny... Smiling

Flood Rehab

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As many of you may have heard about the flooding Issac dump here. It flooded my sfr and this will be an experience when it comes to a flooded rehab. If anyone has gone through a flood rehab please share important "MUST DO'S," and ways I can save. Ohh...does anyone knows were I can find the pricing guide for general contractor break down labor cost on the web?

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