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I've been thinking about REI for quite some time now, mostly a couple years ago when I was in a position to lose my job (due to no fault of mine)and here recently due to the government shutdown. I was placed in furlough status. But thanks to God, it didn't last too long and we were paid. Being in these positions makes me realize that I cannot truly depend on one source of income. BTW, I'm married with 4 children (9 yrs old and younger). My wife home schools because we cannot afford child care and actually she does a GREAT JOB at it. We are considering full time home schooling until our kids reach high school. Although I've had this interest for quite some time, I never really got off the couch. One, my wife insisted we purchase OUR home first. Two, no money to invest.
So, here I am again. My 35th birthday was yesterday and I've committed to myself that I'm wasting no more time because it is too valuable. I'm taking the advise of Rina as she offerred to someone else having the same struggle of getting off the couch. Post two action entries a day.

Action One: My first post to DG website
Action Two: blow the dust off "Profit from Real Estate RIGHT NOW! and re-read Matt Larson story Part 1.

Wow, I just noticed on page 29, there she is Ms. Lorina feature in Success Story #1. Wow. This is a sign to move forward and accomplish greatness.



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Just wanted to say good for you for deciding to make change and for following through. I look forward to hearing of your progress and wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson


Thx LisaR,
Its encouraging to have someone 'cheer' you on. My wife is somewhat skeptical, but also do agree in regards to additional income. I NEED to make her a believer. I'm fully committed. As Dean suggested, NO news in the evening. I'm just reading and thinking about REI. I woke up this morning thinking about it.

I'm interested in any partnering to get some deals done. If interested just let me know. I can use all the help I can get, but I do know it takes my personal effort.

Again thx.

Hello Trimaine

Being a teacher I applaud your decision to home school your children. Please include in the curriculum Financial Education. Robert Kiyosaki has a great curriculum FOR FREE on his website. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Good choice

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No time like right now to get started. Deans 30 days book is a good one to give you a plan of action I think its a must.
Keep getting educated and then take action.


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