All of us make some kind of excuses......

What do the following have in common?
How about tomorrow.
Next week.
If I only....

They are all poison!
There is no nourishing your brain.

You're poisoning your thoughts with a hoard of excuses.

You want to know when is a good time to do something?

What's better than starting Today?

You want to know how to start?
Figure it out.

BOOM! (mic drop)

Tax advantages of Investing in Real Estate

Investing into real estate is something that's done by those who wish for long term returns. But another reason as to why people invest in Real Estate is simply to avail the tax benefits they get from it. A good understanding of the ways in which one can save money from being deducted in taxes is what will result in them saving a lot more.

For instance, the first home that you purchase, that too on a loan, is eligible for deductions under section 80C to upto 1.5 Lakhs. If in case the property is self occupied, then under section 24(b), a 2 Lakh benefit is available. A point worth noting is that this is valid if the construction is completed within 3 years only.

Discounted Deals for CASH Investors


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Pre Forclosure system

Does the AAF & pre-Forclosure system really work?

Looking for a investor group in the Bronx

Does anyone in the Bronx area or new york city know where i can find a good Investor group or a title company in that area?. You can reach me by phone 917-242-9754 or email at deegrant33@****. Just ask for Grant.

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