Discounted Deals for CASH Investors


I hope you are happy investing!

I find discounted deals for CASH Investors. Let me know if you or your cash investors are interested. Contact me immediately as they go by quickly!

You can reach me at 213-392-2817 or investmelgroup@****

Talk to you soon. G-d bless!

Caroline Smiling

Pre Forclosure system

Does the AAF & pre-Forclosure system really work?

Looking for a investor group in the Bronx

Does anyone in the Bronx area or new york city know where i can find a good Investor group or a title company in that area?. You can reach me by phone 917-242-9754 or email at deegrant33@****. Just ask for Grant.

Hi Bird Dog For Hire LOTS OF Time to Search ?

Hi Brett here I,m a Bird Dog for Hire ? Please Reply Need Work asap , Have a lot of free Time ?, Hard Worker Right Hand Man .


I am looking for cash buyers and real estate investors to work with in the Farmington, N.M. area. Please feel free to contact me and lets move forward.

Getting back in the game!

I am so excited to be here! I had to step away for awhile to deal with some personal losses, but now I'm back, wiser, and stronger than ever!

I am home.


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