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Getting the right mind set

We are still excited. We have yet to get our 1st deal done. But it is just around the corner. We have big plans to help many people forced into bad situations by the Banks and Big bussiness to get out of the bad situations and back into good ones. We are making offers, networking and studying every day. We have become Real estate experts and know that if we do not know a answer we can ask our associates and one of them will have the answer. Staying connected, helping others and reading what others are sharing is the key. We all start out from different back grounds and experiences. Some of us take more transition time to.get into the right mindset. But we say to all keep working at it a little each day and you will get there.

making offers

My wifr and I are starting to roll. Making our first offers. And feeling very confident. Joining insider elite asap. Also checking on prop trend access.

making offers.

I am planning setting a goal to make 3 offers everyday starting by 7/24/13.
Wish me well. Thank u

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