making offers.

I am planning setting a goal to make 3 offers everyday starting by 7/24/13.
Wish me well. Thank u

Why a week later?

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Why not tomorrow if u know how..
Can u share on how u are going to make an offer in terms of 'step by step'?

Asked us to write our step by step process for making offers.

With all of Deans training and support. With all our associates being trained and networking with every one we can that has been trained by Dean we have become real estate experts . If there is a real estate question we do not know the answer to, we know all we have to do is ask our associates and together we allways get the correct and professional answers.

Making offers becomes easier with practice. We look at sq/ ft. Number of beds abd baths. We do not go look at the property 1st. We leave that in my due dilligence contingency. In fl. We have our realtor continuously send us all REO and short sale properties sold. And regular retail properties that meet our criteria. Right now REOS are selling above asking price and at retail. But short sales are showing the bottom of the retail market. We keep track of these and break them down to price per sq.ft.
Next we go to Zillow put in the address look for 4 or 5 simalar close by properties that have sold most recently but no further back than three months. We add the sq. Ft. Of these properties together add what these properties sold for together then devide by the total sq.ft. to get the average price per sq.ft. multiply this times the property we are considering buying sq.ft . To get a current retail price. Next we do this again using the trulia web site. Then we split the difference of the two retail prices. To get current top market retail value. We compare to see if REO or short sales in that area are selling any cheaper. And lately they have not. We deduct 20% for final buyers
Deal. 12% for realtor commission and closing costs and $5000.00 per $100000.00 if retail price for our fee. We then make two offers. This would be our cash offer. We also make a lease purchase offer with the 12% realtor commission and closing costs added back in. As this would be a no cash out of pocket deal. For a minimum of two years is what we would set up.
Hope this helps.

daily offers

I am studying and looking trying to learn how ti make the offers. I have emailed a seller to let me know how to reach them today. To maje a offer. Takes time due to finding priperties, submitting them to reltor for comps before making offer. And starting out I fell I should look at or have someone look at the property to see what shape it is in

1st offer is submitted through my realtor on a bank owned.

Our realtor submitted offer on a bank owned forclosure today.
Wish us luck.

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