acre price????

hi i know a seller very motivated in sell his .9 acre
but i'm really don't know how much is the cost per acre here in jhonston RI y try in home gain and zillow but only have fmv of the homes not lands i found in the some acres to sold in the same area but acre price
.58 $ 40.500
.24 $ 89.900
1.24 $ 89.711
.22 $ 80.000
the price this guy give to me is $ 30.000 and i don't
know if is a great deal or not....somebody can tell me how to find this information? thanks
FACUNDO from rhode island

General Guidelines For Purchasing Land

You didn't mention whether this is a residential or commercial lot. I would recommend you contact a real estate professional who specializes or is very familiar with the code and zoning requirements for that area. Not only can they give you professional advice on value but also give you some insight as to the lands possibilities. The specific zoning for that particular piece of land can influence the value greatly.

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