Bank Guarantee Funding

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IMPORTANT – NEW Bank Guarantee Funding Solutions – MUST READ has several solutions that solve problems and help you overcome some of the challenges you may be facing, they are:
1/ Fully Managed Bank Guarantee Program Delivering 30M or 100M
This program is an end to end managed funding program that delivers 30M or 100M (USD) Non Recourse to Clients in between 35 and 90 Days or faster. The program includesFREE Flights to Hong Kong for face to face meetings with the Bank Guarantee Principal and his Bank so you can watch your deal close first hand. Total contract protection with the BG Issuer and BG Funder having penalties 20 times your deposit. Full Non Recourse Funding, you do not have to repay a cent! The Bank Guarantee is Issued from AAA Rated Top 25 Bank and funded from a second AAA Rated Top 25 Bank. Client Deposits are paid to Attorney Trust Account. The Trust Attorney and Barrister has No Criminal Convictions, 25 Years Experience as an Attorney on the bar and has been the Legal Counsel for two Congressmen.
There is No Trading, No Leveraging, No Borrowing, No Currency Investing and we DO NOT require any Project Documentation.All we need to issue program agreements to clients is: CIS, NCND and Proof of Funds.
A full 18 Page Program Overview PDF is available at:
2/ Buying Leased Bank Guarantee
If you want to buy a Leased Bank Guarantee, we sell Leased AAA Rated Top 25 Bank Guarantees and to prove all Leased Bank Guarantee Transactions are Authentic we will fly you direct to Hong Kong for FREE to personally watch the Bank Guarantee Issuer and his Bank Officer deliver your BG to ANY Funder or Bank Account you nominate.
A Comprehensive 19 Page ´Buying Leased Bank Guarantee Guide´ including full procedures and copies of all MT799 and MT760 is available here:
3/ Funding or Full Monetization of A Rated Bank Guarantees & SBLC´s
Our Guaranteed funder pays up to 80% Non Recourse within 72 Hours of the BG´s delivery on a MT760 to his account and will issue a Payment Guarantee with Full Banking Responsibility on a MT799 prior to MT760 delivery if you desire it. The funder was a banker for 12 years and has a long proven history of successfully funding billions of dollars of BGs and SBLCs for many years.
Finally…. If you are searching for a Genuine Provider who can Absolutely 100% Deliver, you have found them! We only deal with real clients, real deals and real service providers. All our processes are designed to protect you the customer and ensure a smooth successful transaction is completed for all parties.
Please feel free to email us at

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