What to do?

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Is there a contract we have to sign to be bird dog for you?, How does this work, do we just refer them to you? or do you give us a list or something?

What to do?

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Hi chrishabersham. There is a contract involved with this process. I see you live in south carolina; I'm only looking for properties in long island, queens & brooklyn. Do you have access to these areas, or know someone that does?


property on new york and long island

i have some properties in new york and long island , if
you are a cash buyer investor or have contact with cash buyer ,
i have that property for you , at least 30% ARV i always leaving
so much meat on the bone , and i need the copy of bird dog
agreement for my fellow investor in DG . send me PM , thank you



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Hi Neil1969,
I have a cash buyer in Queens. How much meat is on the bone? Can this be lucrative for all parties involved?

answer to chrishabersham

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no. no contract. just honesty! i provide the leads and unpon you(the investor closing on a deal beacuse of my lead) you pay me a commission. Unfortunately im already working with a real estate investor at the moment. If the relationship does not work out you'll be contacted(please provide your contact number in my inbox).Until then patience will have to be a virtue for you and any real estate investor wanting to network with me as the bird-dogger.

To Pap1

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Hi, Pap1. Read your reply above. Just want to remind you to be careful not to use the word "commission." Ony real estate brokers/agents can get commissions; we investors/bird-doggers make "profits."

Mix Up

Hi xxpap1xx I was reading your Forum and there appears to be a mix up in what you need. What you need is a Cash Buyer not a Bird Dogger! You are already Bird dogging you have the propeties already... So now you need a cash investor to purchase them. Please understand everything you do concerning cash... should always and I mean always be put in in writing meaning (CONTRACT)!!!! That is your proof of the verbal agreement you made with the Cash Buyer ok!!! I just wanted you to fix your forum and let it be known you have the properties now you need the Buyers!!!!
Good work and God Bless



Do i have the option to reassign a good deal or ask for a bird-dog fee


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Its totally up to you "bbrittingham" weather you would like to bird dogg the deal or Assign the Contract. IF you are finding properties for buyers and you go as far as locking a property up on contract, then you obviously looking to Assign that Contract. If you simply find a property for your buyer and you have a contract between the two of you stating that they will compensate you for the properties found then you would be moving in the motions of a bird dogg. How much you make and the method you use is totally up to you.

Best Regards,

Bird Dogg Help

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Hows it going sir,
My name is Jonathan Washington and im sorta new at this bird dog thing and I was wondering exactly when is the best time to use a bird dogg contract.

I am Doing Investor Deals Like Crazy!

Doing 100% financing which includes purchase price + rehab funds and closing costs. All rolled into the loan PM me for details.
Area of Lending: IL, IN, OH, WI, PA,

Reply to I am Doing Investor Deals Like Crazy!

I am a fairly new REI looking for more Buyers and funding. I have found some GREAT deals in the Joliet-Plainfield-Naperville area of IL. What kind of deals are you doing? What are the details?

Your recent post

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Hello, any chance of covering Florida in the future?

Thank you,

what are the qualifications?

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what are the qualifications? I'm in Illinois. I also have property wholesale to get rid of right away.

what are the qualifications?

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what are the qualifications? I'm in Illinois. I also have property wholesale to get rid of right away.


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I saw your November 12th post on financing. Can you explain the financing you are talking about. I have lots of deals that I would like to get involved with but can not put my personal assets on the line at this time. I live in Wisconsin but can also work in Minnesota.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am so eager to do deals.

Please Contact Me

I am in need of investors in Texas and read your forum. My partner and I find properties right and left but no buyers at this time. I am out of money so need immediate help. What areas are you in in Texas?

Interested in PA

My Name is Lumberger, and I am interested in your 100% Financing in Pittsburgh, Pa. Please send me the details. I need it for multi-unit properties. Thanks Much.

hi goldraker/100% financing

Am looking for financing in deals for properties. 100% cost/rehab. Messsage me for details.


gil yanez

100% financing

Are you still offering 100% financing? I live in Chester Co. Pa. and would be interested in what you are offering. Thank you


We have investment properties in Eastern PA (northampton county) and Western New Jersey (warren county). We are looking for an investor. Please PM me with your specifics. Look forwarn to doing business with you.
Thanks Donna

3bed 2bath for $92,000 Las Vegas Sold

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Sorry this sold
List Price $92,000 Just rehabbed. Turnkey.
6973 Adelaide Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89156
3 bed 2 bath
Sq Ft 1253
Lot size 6534 Built 1986
Less than 30 minutes from the strip.
View of mountains and valley. Must see pictures.
Rents around $1100 per month. Great ROI and cashflow.
Possible Owner financing with 20% down

Do you have any more

Do you have any more properties in Las Vegas?

chicago, IL properties

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I have 5 property in Chicago,IL need to sell. Looking for buyers.

Investor/Buyers sought in Daytona Beach Florida

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Many nice average priced 3/2 and 2/2 houses available in and around the worlds most famous beach. I have several available and looking for investor/buyers for a quick flip and reasonable Bird Dog fee.

I'm in Chicago Area

I have cash buyers. What do you have in Chicagoland and other parts of Illinois?

chicago land

I am new is looking to get this ball rolling. I have some single family homes and condo's that need investors. Contact me for more info.

I have investors


Please contact me via PM. Thanks.

I have investors


Please contact me via PM. Thanks.


Investors, I have CT, NJ, and FL properties!!!! Please contact me via PM. Thanks!

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