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John Spardella
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I started investing in real estate when I was 19 years old. I enjoyed it and realized some great successes which included securing acquisition funding rehabilitation funding and the subsequent rental of apartment buildings in the inner city. I also purchased and rented townhouses, duplexes, & condos. I then moved on to purchasing raw land and as the general contractor coordinated and over saw the construction of spec homes.

I decided to acquire my mortgage brokers license in 2005 and became a broker just as the meltdown started...great timing!

I got away from real estate for awhile and now back in the game and raring to go! LOL Since I've been back, I've done 2 lease option condos on the Atlantic. The second one, which I reside in now, was no money down. Luv the place!

If I can be of any assistance to anyone, send me a PM and will be happy to answer your questions if I can.

God bless...Best to all!

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Real Estate Investor full time

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new to investing

Hi John
I'm new to RE Investing and would appreciate any info you are willing to share.