Yield 15% On Cash Investments! Secured By Real Estate!

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I'm a capital partner for "The Evergreen Investment Group." We buy foreclosures properties, rehab them, then sell them. Once they are sold we're able to pay my investors a fixed double digit rate of return."
This is what I do:
We find investors that want to hold a first mortgage on investment properties. They will hold the only mortgage on the property. We only buy houses that can be purchased and totally rehabbed for a cost that will not exceed 65-70% of the full retail value. This insures the investor that there is at least 30% equity in the finished product.
Many investors have retirement accounts that are under performing. We work with a Self-Directed IRA Custodian that can arrange for the investors to hold mortgages on properties. Their IRA will hold the mortgage on the property. The IRA will also benefit from any gains made on the property and these gains will be tax deferred.
The term of the loan is as long as we hold the property. They are payed the original loan balance plus the agreed upon interest upon the sale of the house. Title Companies require a clear title in a transaction so they pay the Mortgage Holder as soon as they receive the Buyer's Funds. We get paid at the end after everyone else is paid.
We offer our investors a 12% (annual return) or 15% of the net profit, whichever is greater. The average investment amount is $75,000 to $125,000. We are dealing in the Dayton-Cincinnati, Ohio area so our target sales price is under $200,000.
It is in our best interest to sell the houses quickly so that we can turn around and buy more houses. The typical holding period from purchase is 4 to 7 months. This includes rehab time, days on the market to sell and the time that it takes to close once a buyer's offer is accepted. The investor gets all of his money back at closing. If he is happy with the way the deal turned out he can invest in another deal, if not he is free to move on. Keep in mind that if a deal takes about 6 months and the investor received 12% annual interest, his rate of return is actually closer to 24%.
We actually encourage investors to try one deal at first and see how they like dealing with us, instead of investing enough money to buy multiple houses the first time around. We want to take the time to build an investor's trust in our company so that they will be anxious to reinvest numerous times. We are looking for long term relationships.

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