Central New Hampshire Real Estate Investment Group

Hello and welcome to the Central New Hampshire Real Estate Investment Group. My name is George Duncan jr. my Father and i are new to the family and have just started our venture into real estate and couldnt find any investment groups in our area so we thought maybe we could start our own here. we are very motivated and just cant seem to wait for the success so we are going to make our own. we want to get a few investers that would like to work with us and get things rolling. maybe get all of us new hampshire people together and put our heads together and get things rolling. so to get into contact with me just im me or goto our profile and leave us a message. again lets get things rolling only you can make things happen not anyone else. peace for now george jr

Would help if people Dated All Notices

I have found in many areas people don't date material

It would help all to see the dates of all material.


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