Dynamic Real Estate Investors (North Texas)

I tried once before to generate enough interest to form a new REI Group for The North Texas area but unfortunately not enough response to justify the costs.
I thought I would give it another try to see how many possibly investors would like to participate.
I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker who did some heavy duty investing back in 2000 & 2001. For personal reasons, I got out of the business but I am now getting set to get moving full speed ahead with the new systems and techniques.
I would really love to hear from anyone who might be interested in helping me form this group.
I live in the Carrollton, Plano area but I though a good group could meet monthly in a central location.
You can preview my information at these sites:
Please give me your feedback.

Dynamic Real Estate Investors (North Texas)

I am forming a Real Estate Investing club in North Dallas area. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker with tons of investing experience. We have numerous training programs for most subjects and also a completely different training system. I welcome a few new partners to run specific campaigns with me. We will work together one on one.
I also use a very unique software system that does everything imaginable from finding buyers, sellers, satellite views of properties and much, much more. This software originally sold for $3000 and then $297 monthly. I am looking for a few people who would like to participate with this software with me for only $50 per month to offset all of our costs.
We can talk anytime.

More info: drswr1220@****

how to find cash buyers ready to buy a house

is there a website you can go to that has buyers looking to buy a house

need a mentor

im new to this real estate thing. i have read one of his books and one on the way. i do know i have no money to invest at the time but eager to get my feet wet. scared to make any phone calls just of rejection and will say the wrong thing.

just need some one who has done deals with no money down to help me get on my feet and take action. just dont know where to start. live in tx but moving to tenn. in feb.

anyone out there for help im here to listen

Real estate investors needed


My name is Jerry and I'm looking for real estate investors who invest or want to in the Corpus Christi area or know people who invest in the Corpus Christi area. I would like to work with you. You can send me a private message or go to my account to reach me.


Jerry Flores

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