First Deal on Lock down TODAY!!!! YEAHHHHH BUDDDY

Hey everyone. I just locked down my first assignment deal less than a week after ordering The Rock Bottom Blueprint.. The Blueprint has already paid for itself and earned me a few thousand on top of that.

Here is how it played out. Last Saturday evening after completing the 30 days to fast cash I found a fsbo on Craigslist listed at $42,500. There was not much information about the property so I drove over to the neighborhood and found the home for sale. The home had a sign on the front door which stated the tax assessment, price information and at the bottom said this property was passed down through an ESTATE..

I immedietly called the owner and scheduled a time to meet. On Tuesday I met the owner and did a walk through of the home, New tile, brand new carpet, new paint, everything looked great.. move in condition.. After listening and just building rapport, this guy just wanted nothing to do with the property. He repeated several times that he does not want to be a landlord and his brother could use the cash for law school.

I emailed the owner an offer on Wednesday night after running comps and found out the fmv was around 52,000. My offer was $31,000 cash with a 30 day close OR $36,000 with 0 down and 0 interest just to try.. He countered at $35,000 Cash. I countered back On friday morning at $33,000 because there were a few small things that needed to be done after I inspected the home. He agreed to $33,000 so we scheduled to meet this morning to do a final walk through/inspection to test the water, air conditioning and electrical. After it was all said and done, The contract was locked up at $32,000 cash with a 30 day close. He will not have any more money out of pocket for closing.. The wonderful thing is One of my investors has already made an offer to me for $36,000, I believe I can get more but Im leaving plenty of meat on the bone for him and this will only help us build a great relationship..

Im so thankful for all the support, thankful for Dean continually staying on us to stay motivated and take action and to everyone who is willing to share this invaluable information.. I set my goal two weeks ago to do my first assignment deal in 30 days and its halfway complete...This is the start to an exiting road ahead. I literaly only had maybe 2 hours of my time on this deal!! THANKS DEAN FOR PUSHING ME TO JUMP IN AND TAKE ACTION WOOOOHOOOO

Awesome, Jet!

I was thrilled for you to read your story. Yes, the ROCK BOTTOM BLUE PRINT program was great. I ended up going with the Success Academy... 2 weeks in but running into assignment problems with the realtors and attorneys here in upstate NY. I am going to attend an Investors Club Meeting where hopefully I will get the assistance I need... and form my Power Team outside my area!
Continued success, Jet-


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Good deal Jet, feeling very inspired, thanks for sharing.

Mortgage Locator

New to site
Interested in finding a mortgage locator. I
live in Ocala, Florida area. I will be looking at 2 rental properties this Thursday

also new to site.,

im excited to get my first deal on but im haveing issues with the contracts, i have never filled one out before. any advice?

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