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Anyone have done any deals with dohardmoney.com? Thinking about using them for my 1st deal when I get my 1st accepted offer and refinancing out later but wondering if anyone has used them. I think they only deal with investors out of Arizona.

Need cash investors for Las Vegas NV

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I am looking for homes that are around $30,000- $35,000 under market value. I found 2 that I want to make offers on.Mine am doing a straight flip and will make $26,000 on flip at $105,000 if I get asking price. If I drop price to sell faster it will be less. My agent said worst case I will get $10,000 because I have a lot of padding. My agent is well connected working with 73 investors. She sold last 2 in 10 days. If investors we sell to are willing to carry note there are a lot of buyers waiting with bad credit that need a place to live and have 10-20% down. Many of them are professionals but got into the bad loans. If you have investors happy with 10% ROI for doing nothing. We can pay him back 90 days max. If he or she is happy with that we can split the rest of the profits. Let's say we make $20,000. $10,000 to Private lender, $5,000 to you and $5,000 to me. If we make more that is gravy for us. Let me know what you think.

hard money loans

try www.hardmoneyman.com they have their own funds and work with hedge funds as well. They look for investors that have experience and dont mind putting skin in the game. They can close in 5-7 days.

hard money lender

Lima one capital is a good one to use

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