help me on short sale please

1, will the lender likely to accept short sale w/ assignment clause on it?

2, who pays for title search? (lender, or me) or negotible?

3, what if, the property has more than 2 loans on it, would it be very hard to deL W/ ?

4,can i do double closings on short sale?

thanx very much.

What forms do I need exactly?

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I am in the process of getting the courage to do my first assignment deal and I wanted to know what forms do I need exactly. Please help. By the way I made a mistake and joined under completed assignment deals. I hope that doesn't pose a problem. I was just trying to get my question answered. Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.

Randy from CA

Advice on Contract Assignments Please

Hello All:

I am a new DG Academy student and brand new to RE Investing. I just joined the Capitol Area REIA (DC, Virginia, Maryland area). I live in Leesburg, VA (Northern Virginia) and hope to begin working on assignment of contracts in the N. Virginia area. Any mentoring, assistance, advice (especially from anyone in this geographical area) would be most appreciated. I look forward to getting more involved with this group.

Thank you-Bob

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