How to "lock up" deals???

Hey everyone!!
Having a blast building a great CASH buyers list. Doing pretty good finding great deals.
Here's where the problem for me lies. "Locking up" deals on contracts. Not having any success at all doing this.
Another problem, getting my cash buyers to even consider buying at a 20 or 30 or even 40% discount. No way. They want 50-70% discounts. I have even been able to find some of those. Here again is the problem. When I try to present these deals to the cash buyers, They've already seen them. And I can only present them for a bird dog fee because I am finding it totally impossible to lock them up.
If I try to go through a realtor,(and I've tried working with several) They tell me I'm wasting my time because the cash buyers already have people scouring for the deals. So I try to explain to them that I want to be the one doing the scouring. But even still need to submit offers with pre-approval.
I can't get pre-approved. So I have tried submitting cash offers using POF's ( have several) from my cash buyers but still No LUCK.
If anyone could PLEASE help me by giving me info on how to submit an offer as to lock something up on contract, I will be absolutely the happiest man alive.

First deal about to be LOCKED UP!!

I have a great rental unit under contract now and I am going meet with the buyer to show the inside today! She is very interested and has made a cash offer price and agreed on an assignment fee, WOW! Saying prayers and moving forward.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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