Investors in Hawaii

This Group is designed to link new investors with seasoned/experienced investors that live in Hawaii or have experience in Hawaii, mostly on Oahu.

Hawaii's Meetings

I know a lot of people are looking for help. There are monthly meetings for Hawaii Investors, in may seem like a secret but it is not. The meetings are the first Thursday of each month.
Please visit for more information, then click on the calendar.


HRE Consulting

New Site

This is my new site if you are interested in looking. This site is designed to attract people who need to sale now!

I think you will like it.


There is little mentorship out there these days, but a seasoned investor can use a young investor for assignment of contracts. The young investor could benefit from the seasoned investor by knowing the territory and grounds at stake, key words in an assignment of contract that either make or break the deals. Please come and share your knowledge.

It is just an Island right?

It is just an Island right? Well actually it is eight major islands but let’s just stick to “Oahu,” the busiest and most populated island at 1 million people. Well divide that by 2 and that is about how many apartments and houses are out there. With six different languages spoken fluently it makes this paradise a little more difficult. If you are doing business in Hawaii pleas share your experience and knowledge with Dean’s Family.

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