Looking for great deals in Cleveland, Ohio?

These deals are a little different to regular wholesaling and work as follows:

1. We find the property and present the numbers to you.
2. If you're happy with the numbers you enter a tripartite agreement with myself and my contracting team to purchase the property. We will rehab house to an agreed ARV.
3. You provide up front 30% of rehab cost to begin rehab and for materials.
4. At 60% completion of rehab you provide an additional 30% rehab cost.
5. At 100%, you pay remaining rehab cost and consultation fee.You end up with a high quality property that you can rent for a great price or sell at the agreed ARV.

The great things about this deal are:
1. not all payment is required up front
2. high quality rehab work
3. accurate ARV estimates
4. properties are in locations that sell & rent fast

If you are interested in making at least 15% of ARV after all expenses or acquiring a great rental property, then please PM me for more details.

It doesn't hurt to take a look at our deals.

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