Lots of Cash - Ready to Buy and Partner Up!!

Need Wholesale properties in California - Cash ready!!!

I need to partner up with several DG students in California and Florida. I have the Private Lender with lots of cash to lend me. Need properties, that are real wholesale deals. If you live in California or Florida and wants to make money with me, send me a PM message to ecazdi
This is so simple, but i live in an area that inventory is ridiculously low: less than 100 properties for sale!
This is why i need people outside my area. Lets talk and make money!! I have all in place to start.
Single Family Homes, 3/2/2 and up. Price range from 250K to $600k after repair value. I am looking local people all over california an florida. If you dont leave there, not interested. This is because we will going to partner up and need local people to supervise the project. If you are RE agent of broker, the better, but any student can partner up with me and split profits.
Send me a text message and include your email:
(760) 604-8004

Wholesale Properties In Florida

Hello Ecazdi,

I just saw your request dated Oct, 2012 over a year ago. If you are still interested, I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and very much interested in wholesale partnering at this time.

I am mot a Real Estate Agent or Broker, I am however a former Mortgage Broker and understands the market. I am a DG student/member.
My e-mail: Angellabrnx@****.



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