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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know how excited my husband and I are to start up our real estate business. We wanted to share our steps in how we are going to do this.
First, we are going to meet with our attorney to start an LLC since my husband already has his business with an LLC. We need a new entity to do the real estate portion. After that is established, I will go to the bank to open new business checking and savings accounts. I will then work at business cards and a website. We also will keep our CPA in the loop with all this as well for tax purposes and any financial startegies of course.
I have looked into the CT Real Estate Investors Group and we will be joining that after the LLC is started so we can begin networking to develop a buyer and sellers list.
I think we are going down the right track so far to get this all started prior to just "jumping in" without proper legal advice etc. I am not one to do something without proper research and knowledge.
My husband is a general contractor and does all phases of carpentry residential to commercial. He has all connections to the trades. Numerous people including family have told us that they can not understand why we have not done this sooner. We are now ready to take ACTION. If anyone in the DG family in CT needs help with finding contractors or subs send us a PM and we'll help you out.
If anyone has any feedback, your comments will be greatly appreciated.
We want to wish the DG family the best of luck in your real estate endeavors.
Dan & Anna T.

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