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I am new to RE investing, and want to hit the ground running. I am looking at contract assignment to get started. I am working through the suggestions from "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and am specifically looking if anyone has a mortgage broker that they typically use who can get loans for folks with not the best credit. I am setting up my own phone system, website, and advertising campaigns. I am ready to go at this full throttle in case any of you want to join me. Thanks.

Welcome Austin

My name is Ted I am also looking for other investors to work with in Albuq, to bounce ideals off of. I need help writing up a least option that I am working on. Still have the hot line for questions and the book profit from real estate right now, I buy to wholesale for a profit and working on a couple of REO's Made several offers but can’t seem to get the banks to reply within 24hrs. One bank made a counter offer but I haven’t heard any more about it from the realtor who has the listing, since yesterday. Have you had any luck finding buyers for your buyers list? I will be joining the REIC here in Albuquerque after I go to my first free meeting. I need buyers who want properties 20-40% off. If you have a buyers list, please tell me about them. If you like you can reply to me by private email and I'll give you my website and phone number.

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